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It has taken up to three hours to work on a computer fiddled with spyware.
Although Spyware is nowhere near being as intrusive, it can be very damaging.
PC Tools is a global software leader with a cache of security and utility products, including the multi award-winning Spyware Doctor(TM).
In addition to a full review and analysis of the spyware threat in general, Webroot's State of Spyware Report individually lists the ten most significant emerging spyware and adware threats based on detection, as well as potential impact.
Anti-spyware solutions primarily focus on only one aspect of spyware protection," said Chris Christiansen, program vice president of Security Software & Services for IDC.
This is the first time PC Tools has combined spyware detection with its own anti-virus engine.
ScanSafe said its Spyware service offers protection from spyware downloads and phishing attacks and includes Outbreak Intelligence to stop spyware applications from reaching the LAN.
CounterSpy Enterprise's central management console allows administrators to access and control agent deployment, threat database updates, quarantine spyware, configuration, agent policies, scan scheduling and recommend actions to identified spyware threats.
What's more, unlike viruses and worms, most people with spyware on their computers have asked for it, albeit unwittingly.
We have taken a look at several anti-spyware vendors over time to determine the current level of accuracy against spyware threats in 2006.
Aladdin esafe, a gateway-based, integrated proactive content security solution, also offers organisations more protection against the spyware epidemic.