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In this case the examination was unsatisfactory, as the squamocolumnar junction (SCJ) was not visible (Table 1).
CK7, a known squamocolumnar junction marker, appears in the columnar cells within the transformation zone and superficial portion of the glands, but not in the upper endocervix or deeper portions of the endocervical glands in the normal cervical mucosa (D).
Just as the findings of Wentsensen and colleagues demonstrate that two or more lesion-directed biopsies increase the diagnostic yield over a single sample, this large study points out the substantial benefit of random biopsy of the squamocolumnar junction when no colposcopic lesions are identified.
Placement took on average less than 7 minutes, including the time needed for upper endoscopy to guide capsule positioning 6 cm above the squamocolumnar junction. Good-quality, accurate 24hour pH recordings were obtained in 96% of participants; 48-hour recordings were obtained in 89%.
A satisfactory colposcopy implies visualization of the entire squamocolumnar junction, he said.
The squamocolumnar junction is readily visible by the second trimester.
The long arm of Ayre's spatula was introduced into the cervical canal and rotation was done at 3600 angle to include ectocervix and squamocolumnar junction. The sample collected with Ayre's spatula was spread on a glass slide and dipped in 95% ethyl alcohol to avoid drying of the smear.