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The most enlightening tag at Stack Overflow is "speech recognition"; I counted more than 1,000 queries for 2017.
Webinar attendees will learn how to reliably and accurately calculate the worst-case stack depth, how to minimize the total memory required when there are multiple stacks, and other useful techniques to prevent stack overflow, as well as the best way to reliably detect the onset of a stack overflow.
In February 2010, Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky decided to make the Web site engine underlying Stack Overflow and its sister sites available to users wishing to create collaborative crowd-sourced question and answer forums related to their own topics.
0 (Server 2003) FTP service attempts to list a "long, specially-crafted directory name," a stack overflow will occur that can allow for remote code execution.
Intended to help developers avoid stack overflow in embedded systems, Express Logic's StackX development tool performs a comprehensive analysis of a complete application at the executable code level, computing the worst-case stack usage the application can experience.
For the third reporting period, the Microsoft SQL Server Resolution Service Stack Overflow Attack (formerly known as the Slammer attack) was the most common attack, used by 22 per cent of all attackers.
According to data from Stack Overflow, the Scottish capital saw a 19% increase in data scientists employed in the city centre over the course of 2017.