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A coverlay (cover layer), which is an adhesive-coated film pressed onto the stack-up to insulate the circuit.
Integration with Mentors leading HyperLynx high-speed analysis technology enables optimization of signal and power integrity across complex rigid-flex stack-up structures.
Also, tolerance stack-ups can be minimized if the connector design is less accommodating to such demands.
This method, also known as linear stack-up, is the most basic method for predicting the effect of individual tolerances on the whole assembly.
Figures 1 and 2 have been used to highlight a common point: A density of 100 p/si is where designs cease to be viable utilizing traditional through-hole via stack-ups, and HDI becomes a legitimate alternative.
The manufacturer must understand the nature and locations of the bending in order to provide options for allowable material stack-ups.
No manufacturing process plan is truly complete without a reliable way to prevent tolerance stack-ups as parts are moved through their varied and interacting operations.
With the portable-CMM approach, each die section is inspected for dimensional accuracy in position, stack-up inaccuracies are avoided, and rework significantly reduced.
0, an automated PCB stack-up creation tool which dramatically cuts the time required for electronic engineers or PCB fabricators to create and document multi-layer printed circuit board stackups.