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Definition of the rigid-flex stack-up with unique outlines for each region, enabling simpler design changes than stack-up by zone.
Also, tolerance stack-ups can be minimized if the connector design is less accommodating to such demands.
This method, also known as linear stack-up, is the most basic method for predicting the effect of individual tolerances on the whole assembly.
Likewise, stack-ups can be shown as a horizontal cross-section or a 3-D image, and viewed from multiple angles.
Figures 1 and 2 have been used to highlight a common point: A density of 100 p/si is where designs cease to be viable utilizing traditional through-hole via stack-ups, and HDI becomes a legitimate alternative.
No manufacturing process plan is truly complete without a reliable way to prevent tolerance stack-ups as parts are moved through their varied and interacting operations.
The manufacturer must understand the nature and locations of the bending in order to provide options for allowable material stack-ups. There are very significant differences in constructions that can meet the demands for circuit reliability.
* A coverlay (cover layer), which is an adhesive-coated film pressed onto the stack-up to insulate the circuit.
With the portable-CMM approach, each die section is inspected for dimensional accuracy in position, stack-up inaccuracies are avoided, and rework significantly reduced.