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By day, Dollins is a staff editor at Indiana Michigan Power in Fort Wayne.
Bari Weiss is a staff editor and writer in The Times opinion section.
Since Staff Editor ELIZABETH NOLAN BROWN joined reason in 2015, she has made a name for herself reporting on sex policy, gender issues, and the criminal justice system.
In "Custom Fit," Staff Editor Sara Kelly discusses the reasons some sponsors might want to take a second look at managed accounts.
8220;The Revolving Year” has been assigned to Barking Rain Press staff editor Brenda Morris.
Nova Science staff editor Herrmann (whose credentials are not listed) has assembled these abstracts on the relationship between the government and social professions, with a broad range of topics including parental intervention in the Republic of Ireland, feminist support and opposition to abortion and sex education in Irish schools.
PAUL SIEGELL is the author of Poemergency Room (Otoliths Books, 2008) and a staff editor at Painted Bride Quarterly.
Being an in-house staff editor at Petersen's Hunting, then and now, did require a bit of shooting, hunting and writing, which was (and is) the fun part.
she was Editor-in-Chief of Savvy magazine and of Women's Sports & Fitness; staff editor at Ms.
The Treasure of Peta Nocona" has been assigned to Barking Rain Press staff editor Roger Gilmartin.
Recently I spent time at ADHA central office with our staff editor, Josh Snyder, thumbing through issues of the Journal of Dental Hygiene.
Rick Docksai is a staff editor of THE FUTURIST and World Future Review.

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