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ACTOR, practice. 1. A plaintiff or complainant. 2. He on whom the burden of proof lies. In actions of replevin both parties are said to be actors. The proctor or advocate in the courts of the civil law, was called actor.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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SSP Cantt said that stage actress and her guard were shot by armed men who later fled the scene.
Arts Minister Jimmy Deenihan described her as "the pre-eminent stage actress of her generation and beloved of theatre audiences".
12th of Never provides a satisfying new Women's Murder Club novel unabridged in 6 CDs, pairs this with a smooth and vivid reading by January LaVoy, a New York-based voice and stage actress who has extensive theatre credits to her name, and brings to life the story of one detective Lindsay Boxer, in labor while facing the most dangerous killers of her career.
Singer and former stage actress, Jill Schoonjans, plus two other female singers completed the line-up, as Cash's wife June Carter and her sisters.
Dad Nigel is in the band Junction 25 and her sister Harriet, 12, is also a stage actress.
It stars Kate O'Mara, prolific stage actress and star of such TV hits as Dynasty and Bad Girls, and Denis Lill, whose extensive TV career most recently includes ITV's hit drama The Royal and Doctor Who.
TV and stage actress Pauline Quirke will help launch a partnership to support vulnerable families over two years across the West Midlands.
Blood Brothers was a professional watershed for Scottish-Scouse (her mum hails from Liverpool) songstress Barbara Dickson, catapulting her into a new career as a stage actress too.
Waldrons was crowned the winning group by Calendar Girls stage actress Lynda Bellingham and helping to raise more than pounds 2,000.
Although not a compelling stage actress, she sings with nuance and attention to textual detail, and soars gloriously over the orchestra when required, as in her monologue "Es gibt ein Reich."
Kathy Reichs' VIRALS (9780142428160, $26.95) receives stage actress Cristin Milioti's dramatic flair and voice as it provides a strong adventure telling of teen Tory who moves to the middle of nowhere to live with a marine biologist dad she's never known, only to meet a group of science geek peers encountering strangeness at a local research institute.
They live near one another in houses purchased by their great grandmother, a famous stage actress. All the cousins are close, but none are as close as Maddy and Rogan, who are deeply in love by the age of fourteen.