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Paired in 2017 on the star studded stage play of "Stranger in My House" that debuted to a sold out audience, Lovail Long and Vernon Williams, III knew they had struck gold.
Like 'Ang Larawan,' 'Changing Partners' is a stage play that crossed over to the big screen.
The stage plays an important role in highlighting and resolving social issues with correction of society through humour, thoughtful and artistic expressions, he added.
He popularized eye donation, blood donation, juvenile diabetes through his innumerable stage plays.
We hope to meet the same standards of performance par excellence in this play that has become synonymous with Clockwork Productions due to our previous stage plays.
DRAMA students are touring schools in Birmingham to stage plays about young people's perceptions of drugs and alcohol.
Crazy Creations, the numero uno group in Tamil stage plays, is led by Crazy Mohan, one of the most popular comedy script writers in the Tamil film industry and stage.