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Especially when I came to the following comment: "However, when the band in question is Staind, arena rock's answer to blood type O negative."
Here at City Hall Plaza a tremendous soundstage had already been erected, its prodigious backdrop displaying the cover art from Staind's new album.
Saturday's headline act are ably supported by Blink 182, Staind and new melodic rock darlings The Darkness on a diverse bill.
Just how Oedipal all this is the poem's ending makes clear, "So I smote [him] & [his] gore / Staind the roots my mirtle bore," but rage is supplemented by a reaction to suppression which is not only hatred but also an implied effeminacy or perversion: When I saw that rage was vain And to sulk [orig.
STAIND: For You (East West) - And if you like a few tattoos thrown in as well.
Then there's Outside by Staind, I hate this song, I hated the time Fred Durst sang it with them on stage, but this is the only song that fits into preconceived ideas of the singles game.
Yet being over-50 hasn't stopped Billy Connolly or Jackie Mason from being funny, and I don't suppose Staind would mind taking home a quarter of Ozzy Osbourne's box office.
It's great to lose the Mariah Carey, Phil Collins and Seal (for the most part) and add in Incubus, Staind and the Foo Fighters," he said.
Suddenly they met in a huddle, threw their hands to the center, and let loose a ferocious scream that drowned out the 3,000 fans chanting "Slipknot." Then, one by one, they emerged onto the stage, driving the crowd -- wearing shirts pledging allegiance to other new hard-rock bands like Sevendust, Staind, Papa Roach, and System of a Down -- into a frenzy.
to fall back or rather to creep back so poorly as it seems the multitude would to thir once abjur'd and detested thraldom of Kingship, to be our selves the slanderers of our own just and religious deeds, though don by som to covetous and ambitious ends, yet not therefore to be staind with their infamie, or they to asperse the integritie of others, and yet these now by revolting from the conscience of deeds welldon both in church and state, to throw away and forsake, or rather to betray a just and noble cause .
1 Edward IV opens with Edward's mother objecting to her son's marriage to a "used" woman: "Hadst thou prized thy maiestie, / Thou neuer wouldst haue staind thy princely state / With the base leanings of a subjects bed" (1E, 6).
Tenders are invited for Construction of cc work in ward 18 from kuber lodhi to aurngabad bus staind.