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In the first episode, the team deal with a stalker obsessed with fire, and for the rest of the 13-part series Beth and her cocky new recruit Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) investigate all types of obsessions, from cyber harassment to voyeurism.
One of the stalkers is a man named Han Cong Zhao who found himself in jail after harassing Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence's family members and claiming that he was JLaw's husband.
Counterthreats are least effective with stalkers who suffer from:
Her comments come as a Sunday Mirror investigation reveals that 120,000 people - mainly women - are stalked every year, but 95 per cent of stalkers escape justice altogether.
Technology is more widely available, and so stalkers have more tools to use against their victims," says Will Marling, executive director of the National Organization for Victim Assistance.
Psychiatrists looked at nearly 300 so-called juvenile stalkers and found they rarely acted because of infatuation for their victim, as often assumed.
There are also "test" stalkers, whose goal is to see how close they can get to an A-list celebrity.
Rejected, intimacy seeking, incompetent, resentful, and predatory stalkers are the types outlined by Dr.
A number of Welsh celebrities, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, pictured, and ITV Wales newsreader Lucy Owen, have been targeted by stalkers, but the findings proved that the phenomenon was by no means limited to the rich and famous, with victims coming from all parts of society.
Stalkers look upon the individual as a possession, one that solely belongs to them.