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Country: United States of America
State: California

i have been harassed and stalked by several people in which I have recently discovered the names of a few of them which turns out are or were friends of mine and I have reason to believe that these individuals have also been spreading rumors and lies about me I recently moved to nv.from ca. but have been traveling back to ca. every 2to3weeks now for med. reasons and I have been staying at the same hotel each visit I also have a daughter that just turned 15yrs.old these individuals have never approached me to say any of these things face to face yet they are either staying at the hotel or are in an area nearby since every time I walk to my vehicle or when I am inside my room they yell obscenities and have used my name I recorded this harassment the last few trips I made and on one recording there is a man yelling that he hates me and that he never liked me and called me a bitch and said do you hear me Vince? Vince and nikole,nikole being my daughter since the mentioning of my daughter I am fearful of our safety and am not sure what to do with my recordings of this harassment please any suggestions would be very helpful since they have yet to come forward or to stop thank you


You may file a police report for any threat at all...
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The impact is not only on the victim - it can stretch far wider with their friends, family, work colleagues and other people connected to them feeling the effects of stalking and harassment," she said.
But in the first year of the new laws, cases prosecuted for stalking and harassment FELL from 9,345 to 8,648.
I would like to highlight to people who face stalking and harassment that there is help and support available to them, and encourage them to come forward and report it.
Healy, whose former girlfriend has a restraining order against him for stalking and harassment, would try to find her.
He said: "I believe the reason Scotland is doing so well is that stalking and harassment are being treated as priority crimes and because victims get advocates.
All officers received a stalking and harassment briefing policy and procedure document that amongst other issues addressed the correct and ethical use of Police Information Notices (Pins).
She said: "All reports of stalking and harassment are taken seriously and we understand the importance of listening to victims of this unwanted behaviour.
And prosecutor Les Brown has also been appointed to take the national lead in a new crackdown on stalking and harassment.
Acpo lead on stalking and harassment Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said: "Stalking often has a huge emotional impact on those it affects and can cause lasting damage to confidence and independence.
Stalking and harassment are issues that the force takes very seriously.
DIANA LAMPLUGH, who has died of a stroke aged 75, was a tireless campaigner for personal safety and against stalking and harassment.
London, July 12 (ANI): Social and mobile networks do not provide enough help to victims of online stalking and harassment, a study has revealed.