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The present confirmation, ratification, or assent to some action or thing done by another, which is submitted to an individual, group, or governmental body for judgment. The acceptance by a judge of a bond, security, or other document that is required by law to meet with the judge's satisfaction before it becomes legally effective.

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It earned the stamp of approval from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, whose latest battle with officials has landed him a three match touchline ban.
"Achieving M&O Stamp of Approval on a global level reinforces CenturyLink's commitment to operational excellence, 100-percent uptime and transparency surrounding the management of these facilities."
Commenting on the certification, Arif Amiri, Chief Executive Officer of DIFC Authority, said, "As the first data centre in the UAE to complete this important assessment, we are honored to receive the Uptime Institute M&O Stamp of Approval. With nearly 20,000 skilled professionals working within the Centre, DIFC has a large pool of qualified talent capable of managing, planning and coordinating operations." Our objective is to advance towards a 'smart' platform and provide a secure and resilient technological infrastructure to ensure minimum risks and maximum uptime.
"Now we were able to get a stamp of approval that what we are all doing is very important for our nation and for the 21 APEC economies," he stressed.
With regard to APHA's desire to encourage other retailers to do the same, I seriously doubt that the stamp of approval by APHA will have much effect on their business decision-making.
area the stamp of approval to undergo a major re development.
Smith designed Wet, a range of lubricants that have officially been given the religious stamp of approval by the Rabbinical Council of California, British newspaper The Guardian reports.
Mutasher Al Badry, deputy general manager at EICMP, said camel milk "one of the best dairy products in the world because of its exceptional health and nutritional value" and hailed the EU approval as "a stamp of approval to the quality standards of the UAE".
THE classic Jaguar E-Type has received a new stamp of approval - after being included in a Royal Mail celebration of the best of British.
There is no justification to demand the state pay any damages," Said judge Gershon Attorney Hussein Abu Hussein said in a statement on the verdict in the Rachel Corrie wrongful death lawsuit,"This court has given its stamp of approval to flawed and illegal practices that failed to protect civilian life." While not surprising, this verdict is yet another example of where impunity has prevailed over accountability and fairness.
Giving the UN statehood bid a rabbinical stamp of approval is a shocking display of disregard for terror victims and an irresponsible show of support for those who have never hid their intention to drive us into the sea.
Summary: Germany is ready to sell more than 200 Leopard tanks to Saudi Arabia in a multi-billion euro deal after the government's security council gave its stamp of approval last week, Der Spiegel magazine reported Sunday.