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"The Calgary Stampeders have a deep history within our local community and as Calgary's hometown airline we're extremely proud to kick-off our partnership with this championship organization," said Richard Bartrem, WestJet Vice-President Marketing Communications.
We were filming the three-part series Operation Gold Rush for BBC History and, setting out from Skagway, we had intended to follow as closely as possible the route taken by the original 1898 stampeders. Hiking through apparently pristine forests and gradually climbing seemingly untouched glacial valleys, it was hard to visualise the tide of humanity that had flowed through this exact same landscape more than a century before.
To survive and succeed in the Klondike, aspiring miners needed to be flexible, practical and accommodating, in order to form the opportune partnerships with fellow stampeders. The religious needs of such a group were elemental, often connected to the simple truths and values learned in childhood.
He's also planning an epic journey to Canada and the US retracing the route that the Welsh stampeders took to the Klondike Gold fields in the 1890s.
Indeed they may never have returned as I have discovered the descendants of many Welsh stampeders in the Pacific Northwest today.
Indeed they may never have returned as I have discovered the descendants of manyWelsh stampeders in the Pacific Northwest today.
On their way, the Alouettes defeated the Toronto Argonauts, while the Roughriders beat the Calgary Stampeders and the Vancouver Walloping Wallopers (I made that last one up).
An Anglican missionary complained that the American stampeders had been "thoughtless enough to lure the Indian squaws into their home[s] and into the dance hall.
My challenge is that dozens of the stampeders published memoirs about crawling up the brutally steep Chilkoot Pass, and suffering through bitter winters on the creeks in lonely ice-lined tents and cabins.
The Great River Journey travels on the Yukon River, route of the First Nations, Gold Rush stampeders, and traders.
By the 1890s, the river also brought stampeders dreaming of gold--and when there were strikes, it carried faro tables and goodtime girls, domestics and missionaries.
Liske played 12 years in the Canadian and National Football Leagues as quarterback, with teams such as the New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles and Calgary Stampeders. He also served as an NFL official for five years, association athletic director for the University of Washington, athletic director at the University of Idaho and helped build a $20 million baseball stadium and raise $130 million for the athletic department for his alma mater, Penn State University.