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Stan understands that some people who struggle with fear, anxiety, depression, and addiction need to try a number of different approaches in order to get certain results.
Danny grew up in North Shields, and in 2011 he wrote the book The making of Stan Laurel: Echoes Of A British Boyhood.
Although Stan's entertainment duties have been replaced by a Warwick Castle vulture, Chris says Stan is greatly missed by visitors and staff.
In 2005, Stan donated his archive to Newcastle University and, for more than two years, he and archaeologist Dr Aron Mazel visited and photographed hundreds of rock art sites, finding 250 new examples.
Although his fight isn't over this is one huge step in the right direction, Stan has the winning feeling to just like everyone else associated with AVFC.
STAN JAMES ODDS: 331 DEEP PURPLE FORM: U34-1F 9 TRAINER: E Williams JOCKEY: J Moore VERDICT: A smart performer on park courses with several decent victories over the years, but not an obvious choice to take to the National fences.
Staff couldn't believe their eyes when Stan turned up, unannounced, in the hotel car park, with a diary tied round his neck to explain where he had been.
Items include a rare hand-written letter from Stan, with a Laurel and Hardy letterhead, posted from his Beverly Hills home in 1932, to Lena who by then had moved to Middlesbrough.
30 was first aired by Stan at the Yeovil Town Crier Competition in May 1997.
Restoring the house to order, Stan finds memories hidden beneath the peeling wallpaper - layers of life hardened by 46 years of routine.
Incidentally, in yet another of these seemingly unending enterprises, Stan and Ollie came ninth in a list organised by (and hadn't they anything better to do?
On the back of the picture Stan had written "Give little Albert this photo.