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As articulated by the students I interviewed, it is acceptable for some students to need help with grammar and be remedial in writing, specifically non-native speakers, while it is not for others, specifically Standard English speakers, which many presume Pidgin speakers to be.
Obviously, as English speakers, we need to be able to communicate effectively with all other English speakers and we should strive to be as proficient in standard English as we can be.
Behan evolves from an angry but often silent critic of suspect versions of Standard English to a fluent speaker of a highly adaptable, eloquent, vernacular English.
I contend that in English Canada the politics of language is instrumental in the production of discourse and commonsense practices to reaffirm whiteness and the supremacy of Standard English.
I am not asking children to deny where they come from, I am saying to them there are certain situations where they need to be able to use standard English.
Giving children an ability to use standard English will certainly help their chances in life, especially if they work away from Teesside.
She's got a really nice, relaxed, standard English sound.
In addition to the misunderstandings and misdiagnoses mentioned is the concern that many teachers do not understand that students need to have their home dialect (or language) embraced in school in addition to learning Standard English.
As a result, standard English is going to absorb more forms, vocabulary structures, etc.
Published as a standard English Bible in 1611, Dr Williams said the story of the universe "can still move and even shock us".
Pidgin English should be limited to those outside classrooms, rather than sacrifice Standard English.
SINGAPORE is redoubling efforts to persuade locals to speak standard English as part of a drive to improve tourism and business.

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