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Furthermore, Table 1 shows that students initially eligible for Tier 3 had standard scores about 1.
Thus, if a child maintains her standard score of 100 across three different data points, this does not mean that the child's development has stagnated; rather, her raw score is increasing at the same rate as her same-age peers' raw scores.
The implementation of the healthcare quality assessment using case classification involves: selecting quality indicators; collecting historical data of discharged patients; establishing the estimates of the quality indicators for the case classification combination for each disease; calculating the standard scores of each quality indicators for each clinical department during the assessment period; and evaluating the clinical departments according to the differences between the actual values and the standard values.
From Table 3, a total of 12 students obtain an average standard score above 100.
On the BDI-2, she received a standard score of 77 in cognitive skills and a 76 in adaptive skills.
A MANOVA was conducted to evaluate the differences in written expression scores by race (African American and European American) and age (16-24 years, 25-39 years, and 40 years and up) and scores (Overall WQ on the SATA, standard scores on the WM subtest, standard scores on the WC subtest, % correct performance on spelling, % correct performance capitalization, and % correct performance punctuation from the writing mechanics subtest).
The Tennessee experiment suggested that a 10 percent reduction in class size in grades K-3 raised students' standard scores by 0.
Teacher ratings on the PKBS of Craig's behavior in the classroom indicate baseline levels of Problem Behaviors and Social Skills at a standard score of 117 and 73, respectively (see Table 2).
Those whose standard score is extremely low (usually below 40 on the PPVT or 55 on the K-BIT) need assessment for possible mental retardation.
The standard scores are summed to create a total standard score for each of the 50 states.
The 12-year-old showed her versatility with a sixth place finish in the national AAA Combined Events Championships, also coming second in the Northern Championships with a Grade 1 standard score of 2505.
Potential differences in WISC-III (FSIQ, Verbal, Performance) and WRAT-R standard score (reading, spelling, arithmetic) did not differ as a function of (a) sex of participant, (b) random assignment to either an intervention or the control group, and (c) the counterbalanced order in which the arithmetic operations were presented, all F < 1, all p > .

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