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1 was used six times to restrict debate on eight different bills in the same way as Standing Orders 57 and 78.
Now the Standing Orders have been revised for Members to have two motions per meeting,' she said.
Relapses are a reality that families need to plan for and this standing order is ensuring that we will have more second chances and fewer funerals.
Customers who regularly wish to transfer Zakat can set up a standing order.
After reading about all too frequent stunts and shenanigans in Bahrain's parliament - the banners and flag-burning, the regular walkouts by MPs including, sadly, the speaker himself - there is a need to review the Standing Orders and instil a bit of discipline.
Some Wrexham councillors have tabled a formal motion calling on the council to change its standing order number 45, which allows the chair of a meeting to prohibit "broadcasting or transmitting".
If we were to enact laws as such Standing Orders would have to be done away with, he said.
However, the estate alleged that he breached his specific supervisory duties as Medical Director in failing to ensure that the ED staff was properly trained on both the existence of and the proper implementation of ED policies and protocols, including the "Chest Pain Standing Orders.
The Ministry is aware there is wide variability in the use of standing orders across the country.
In the absence of such advice the standing orders will fail," said a senior banker.
I'm trying to persuade organisations to let us get back to the more secure standing orders.
The standing orders (rules of the House) require the Speaker to read the prayers at the beginning of each sitting, the form of which is set out in the standing orders and has not changed since 1901 except for some additional words introduced in 1918 for the duration of the war.