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By comparison, if the hub is compromised in a star network the entire network can stop functioning.
Rescigno, "Optimally balanced spanning tree of the star network," IEEE Transactions On Computers, vol.
Air Canada continues to receive industry awards, including being named the only Four Star network carrier in North America by the rating agency SkyTrax and also for the fifth consecutive time "Best Airline in North America" in the 2014 SkyTrax World Airline Awards.
STAR ZoneScan can be deployed as a stand-alone system or added on to an existing STAR network AMI system.
4) Ministry of Population and Welfare and United States Agency for International Development Partnership established a social marketing programme from the Green Star Network in Pakistan to enhance contraceptive use.
and First Data's STAR Network recently announced an agreement to share Visa's common debit solution, which offers merchants a streamlined and cost-effective approach for debit EMV chip adoption," McCarthy said.
The superstar had signed a magnanimous deal of 500 crores with the Star network early last year, enabling his releases from 2013 to 2017 to be telecast in Star channels.
The mobile phone application, an initiative of Star network, helps a woman to reach out to friends and family at the click of a button, when in danger or distress.
The previous season of Satyamev Jayate, aired on Star network and Doordarshan , received mixed response from the audience.
We congratulate our fellow Star Alliance members and we will continue to work closely with them delivering standard-setting products and services." Air Canada has received a number of industry awards recognizing its industry-leading products and services, including being named the only Four Star network carrier in North America by the rating agency SkyTrax and also Best Airline in North America in the 2013 SkyTrax World Airline Awards.
The new sensors will utilize a star network architecture with each gateway capable of handlingms of transactions per day making it an ideal system to easily deploy any number of applications from smart metering to remotely monitoring train tracks.
Call F a descending star network. For n = 4, the decending star networks are