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Many aromatic white wines are described as having notes of starfruit or lychee; ice wine, an item long exported to Asia, is sometimes tipped as having notes of mandarin orange.
Anastrepha is the largest genus of tephritid fruit flies and the most common pest in both the domestic and commercial plantations of mango, guava and starfruit in the northeast region of Brazil.
Tired and thirsty, many students had their first taste of sour starfruit (bilimbi) with salt and water chestnut (singhara) outside this majestic fort.
The Emperor of Red Fort, which is what Zafar was derogatorily called by the British, loved eating besan ki roti with his favourite sweet and sour rahatiani chutney made with carrots and starfruit, and yoghurt.
Starfruit Technologies[R] Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Inventory Control and Master Mix protocols enable the specification of consumables during a pre-analysis phase to validate, run worksheets, and calculate the consumption rate per use for reorder during the post-analysis phase.
The fragrance breakdown: Top (the fragrance opens with mouth-watering fruits and exotic notes of Starfruit, Italian Mandarin, and succulent Boysenberry that linger in a thirst-quenching sweetness; Heart (whipped with pink shades of floralcy, the decadent bouquet inspires angels to play through a cloud of electric Lotus Flower and starry Jasmine Petals); and Drydown (the creamy indulgence of Vanilla and Caramelized Pear bask in the sultry warmth of Musks and Woods to wrap the skin in an addictive sensation.
A spicy cocktail of coriander leaves, black pepper and starfruit.
The company also produces a variety of probiotic cheese products as well as kefir smoothies and kefir parfaits and operates four Starfruit Cafes in Chicago that serve probiotic breakfast and dessert alternatives
The refreshingly named Peach and the award winning Starfruit floor plans from the Infusion apartment condominium in Ambleside are two of just three finalists in the Multi-Family Apartment under $325,000 category.
9) Carambola, starfruit, also refers to the red ball in billiards.
New Fruit: Exotic fruits like cherimoya, starfruit, prickly pear, rambutan, mangosteen, jackfruit and dragon fruit are among those often chosen.