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But austerity has gone stark raving mad when a disabled girl is dumped by the Government, which pretends to care.
Three In A Bed (Channel 4, 8pm) NO, THE powers that be at Channel 4 haven't gone stark raving mad and decided to air a documentary series examining the pros and cons of swinging before the watershed.
When she saw the news coverage of the convention she was outraged: "The eleven o'clock news made the whole conference look like we were stark raving mad.
Brisbane yachtsman Peter Harburg has purchased the 66-footer, Stark Raving Mad, in California with the intention of campaigning her at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week.
Paul Nicholls and his head lad Clifford Baker think we are stark raving mad saying that Kauto Star doesn't stay.
They just think I'm stark raving mad, nothing out of the ordinary I suppose.