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Danny King | When Brummies ace Starke sensationally stormed around the outside to win heat seven it put them firmly in control before two scintillating victories for Ludvig Lindgren gave them five consecutive race winners.
While Brandon has form for impersonating Laurel, and can contort his face into an uncanny likeness of the Lancashire legend, you'd never know Starke is new to Ollie, such is his intuitive playing of the tie-twiddling actor.
40pm with Tully and Kerr hammering home the fourth maximum in a row over the lone Bandit Starke with the score 20-4.
It's in our hands at the end of the day "The boys know what has to be done and they are fired up for the challenge, and I'm sure Paul Starke will come in and do a job for us.
It's an open race and the key is to have a good draw, between one and ten," Starke said.
TOP TRIO: Alex Starke, Conrad Berriff and Sammy Jackson (right) scooped three prizes (S)
Starke, 51, who plays chubby kebab shop owner Jerry Morton, and his on-screen family will go in next month's cull.
Starke says of the Heartbeat spin-off: ``It's a great show, great fun and a great cast with Wendy Craig and Ian Carmichael.
The teams have already initiated battlebooks, which include port characteristics, vessel schedules, unit contacts, and past lessons learned," said Starke.
STARKE REALITY Student Kathryn Starke who will be on the cover of the new Image magazine
As Brookside's hapless former window cleaner Sinbad, actor Michael Starke has endured more than his fair share of misery.