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There is therefore nothing startingly new, and certainly nothing peculiar either to tragedy or to democratic Athens, in a message of that sort.
At many points, Kessler's writing is startingly infelicitous, as in this strained statement: "That literary realism was in fashion during her historical moment offered her a serendipitous coincidence" (p.
What is new - startingly and even shockingly new - is the sway that the idea of globality holds over the imagination, the force with which the processes and consequences of globalization Impinge upon the individual mind.
you opened a wicket in a wall, and you found yourself, startingly
She was a lean woman in her mid-30s with black hair and gray-blue eyes that contrasted startingly with her weathered brown skin.
Loach is startingly prescient about the relentless restructuring of the labour force which would occupy our ruling classes in the decades since the film was made.
The surprising thing about those two voyages--as startingly different as they were--wast that the ship was the same.
8] The health risks faced by American young people have led to startingly high teen pregnancy rates,[9] low fitness levels, the persistence of drug abuse and suicide, inadequate access to basic health care,[10,11] and a national school dropout rate of almost 30%.
He pledged "quite startingly different" policies on immigration and asylum and vowed to stand up against the "nonsense" of multi-culturalism.