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Stata is supposed to be a means by which people can aggregate information in databases and put them into meaningful formats including visuals.
Stata can be used on the Apponfly platform along with the likes of IBM SPSS, NCSS 10 or Matlab.
Il grado di correlazione tra i due metodi di misura e stata effettuata utilizzando il metodo di Bland e Altman, riconosciuto come il metodo di riferimento per verificare l'affidabilita di un sistema di misura rispetto al gold standard (13).
We used the binomial regression to estimate the number of success, that is, number of primary care visits in VA, in a given number of trials, that is, the number of total primary care visits in both VA and Medicare, using the Stata commend "binreg" with a log link, a generalized linear model with extensions to the binomial family.
They assume readers have little or no experience with Stata.
Mostly Harmless Econometrics is not designed to replace econometric cookbooks such as those published by Stata Press.
One of the things that I liked most about the book was that Tarling shows readers, with screenshots, how to estimate each of the models in both SPSS and Stata, two of the more commonly-used statistical software packages.
The purpose of this article is to: (1) illustrate the use of Stata, SAS and SPSS to fit proportional odds models using educational data; and (2) compare the features and results for fitting the proportional odds model using Stata OLOGIT, SAS PROC LOGISTIC (ascending and descending), and SPSS PLUM.
Statistical analyses were conducted with Fisher exact tests and epidemiologic tabulations in Stata version 8.
The final competitive round for Ignite Clean Energy is being held on May 9 at MIT's Stata Center.
But in June, researchers showed off the reconfigurable microchip, the voice-isolation technology, and other new technologies at MIT's Stata Center in Cambridge, Mass.