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Not a decade too soon, Florida's State Courts System is entering the social media age.
To serve the courts' larger mission and fulfill the Court Communication Plan for the Judicial Branch of Florida, the Office of State Courts Administrator has launched social media to reach out to the citizens of the state, provide essential news, and offer information about the work of the judicial branch.
Keating, ruled that Section 2 of the FAA applied substantively in both federal and state courts and Sections 3 and 4 did not apply procedurally in state court.
Supreme Court the opportunity to decide this important federal matter concerning jurisdiction and bring clarity to the state and federal judiciary and the bar whether the procedural provisions of the Act apply in state courts.
I am delighted to be part of Perspectives, part of your State of State Courts issue, part of the Albany Law Review, and in any way part of this Law School.
Thank you, too, for inviting me to join the distinguished roster of authors for this issue and allowing me to choose my subject within the ambit of The State of State Courts.
dialogue between state courts and federal courts sitting in habeas.
This ideal assumes that state courts will conscientiously and
State courts have not fared well at the Supreme Court in the last
The New Hampshire Bar Association surveyed members asking them to rate the state courts on a simple scale, and comment on their concerns.
President Bush has issued a memo to his attorney general declaring that state courts must enforce a ruling by the International Court of Justice in The Hague on behalf of Jose Ernesto Medellin and 50 other Mexican nationals on death row in the United States.

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