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TORTURE, punishments. A punishment inflicted in some countries on supposed criminals to induce them to confess their crimes, and to reveal their associates.
     2. This absurd and tyrannical practice never was in use in the United States; for no man is bound to accuse himself. An attempt to torture a person accused of crime, in order to extort a confession, is an indictable offence. 2 Tyler, 380. Vide Question.

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Second, international and domestic law tend to conceptualize state torture in exclusively physical and mental terms.
The corpse of Ismail Aqla al-Amri, 35, was handed back to relatives in Deraa, a victim of state torture, it said, and dozens more arrests were reported.
JI Ameer condemned the state torture on the Muslims in Syria and Yemen and called for emergency meetings of the Arab League and the OIC to end the mutual differences of the Muslim Ummah in order to foil the enemy conspiracies.
While I cannot argue the point here, there are good reasons to believe that state torture is necessarily institutional, and thus the choice to torture logically entails a wide range of sociological and institutional harms.
1) Today, more than two decades later, health professionals in southern Africa face similar challenges as evidence accumulates of both systematic state torture of political opponents and hesitance of doctors to speak out against human rights abuses that they see daily.
Exposes of state torture and the chaos caused by multimillion percent inflation have been reported thanks to brave Zimbabwean journalists, determined foreign correspondents (and their Zimbabwean on-the-ground co-reporters and sources), and courageous lawyers.
He too has suffered this violence, and his radicalism, like that of Sayyid Qutb, was hardened and then set in stone through the effects of Egyptian state torture.
Government, could contemplate state torture or murder.
For Turkey, the tasks range from reducing the influence of the military to eliminating state torture, and from putting a stop to so-called honour killings to settling tense border disputes.
Irwin Cohen and Raymond Corrado maintain that until this transformation occurs, however, state torture is used as a means of social control.
But may I direct your attention to Bangladesh, where state torture is widespread and a blind eye is turned to abuse against Hindus.

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