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However, it was earlier reported that this kind of state benefit will be replaced by payments to parents of children with disabilities and increase the size of payments for children with disabilities.
The removal of state benefits, the withdrawal/reduction of legal aid payments would result in this type of defendant realising that they are going to be financially penalised over and above any sentence that may be given on conviction.
The increase in state benefits will put more pressure on Chancellor George Osborne, who is battling to slash the nation''s budget deficit, as unemployment hit a 17-year high of 2.
Information for this piece was taken from the February 12, 2006, Associated Press article, "VA connects disabled with state benefits," by Suzanne Gamboa.
The six indicators chosen for this analysis convincingly show that almost every state benefits from higher education in every indicator, even as some states benefit more than others.
Our state benefits from its established position as one of the nation's leading life sciences hubs.
The couple, who are both HIV-positive, are worried they could lose state benefits such as Medi-Cal, a health care program, because of their combined income and assets, even though both are on disability.
What he fails to mention is that German workers pay substantially higher insurance contributions for these pensions and other state benefits.
European nations have tolerated high levels of immigration, primarily from the Middle East and Africa, to provide workers to pay the munificent state benefits of childless Europeans.
Low benefits for single parenthood and weak social recognition of the burden of caring limit continuous female participation in the labor force, and the lack of steady employm ent still further lessens female welfare state benefits.
EDS will notably assist Britain's postal service in setting up an electronic payment programme for state benefits to replace the current system of individual cheques for recipients.
A DOLE cheat who fiddled more than pounds 18,000 in State benefits has been given nearly 700 years to pay it back.

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