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New traffic signals are improving traffic flows for those turning into and out of the hospital, while the new signalised pedestrian crossings across both State Highway 14 and Hospital Road are improving access for those on foot.
The project will help upgrade state highways and major district roads in Rajasthan.
State Highway 7 will be opening tonight so that we have an alternative route for traffic to travel north to Blenheim.
Theres a lot of construction and maintenance happening on state highways across the regions and we ask motorists to slow down through these sites.
1 million is to be spent on improving safety on State Highway 1 between Cambridge and Piarere, with work getting underway early next year.
People can also give us updates if they notice any further problems on the roads by calling 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49) for state highways and 0800 653 800 for local roads.

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