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Outcome: improved efficiency and safety of transport on the state highways of Rajasthan.
A two-decade-long project of seismic retrofitting on state highway bridges and overpasses - which kicked into high gear after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake - is nearly finished in Los Angeles County, state officials say.
The total included about $263 million for work on state highways and $87 million for jobs on county roads and city streets eligible for federal aid.
Back-up pledge of state highway funds helps mitigate reauthorization risk.
Caltrans had banned all trucks from State Highway 118 - which doubles as a main street through Moorpark - after the Feb.
The bonds are NDDOT's first issuance of debt and are secured by federal transportation funds and state highway fund revenues.
The TA will support the state government s sector development initiatives, especially for preparing of a 20-year strategic master plan for developing Bihar s state highways, including long-term vision and goals, an action program, a financing plan, and a monitoring and evaluation system with performance indicators and targets.
To reach the fishing event site at San Luis Creek South Beach, take State Highway 152 about seven miles west of Interstate 5.
In 1990 the company expanded into the concrete paving market and in 1999 into the state highway market, adding slip-form paving and bridge capabilities.
In its response, ExxonMobil describes the State's long history of not leasing mineral rights below state highways.
OTC BB: TLNT) Tuesday announced that the Department of Transportation ("DOT") of the State of Arizona has selected Telenetics' proprietary modem technology to monitor and report traffic volume and speed on state highways.
Average daily traffic levels on state highways in April-July 1996 were 1.

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