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When state ideology seems to have simply betrayed the pre-independence utopianism of decolonizing countries, does the hope for the future still remain?
It's then and there that I understood the essence of a state ideology.
The patriarchal family structure, which is considered the basis of national culture and is reflective of the state ideology of inclusive unity, underscores the film's imagining of Indonesia as a nation.
Vulnerable businesses and struggling families are paying the price for their small state ideology.
Moving beyond the usual concern with child labour and welfare to a critical assessment of the daily work routine of children, this book questions how class and kinship, gender and household organisation, state ideology and education influence and conceal the lives of children in developing countries.
According to Shinto myths, the emperor was the direct descent of the sun kami, Amaterasu, and, from the late nineteenth century until 1945, officials promoted Shinto as the state ideology, as a means of inculcating unquestioning loyalty to the emperor and support for the policies carried out in his name.
However, state ideology was reinforced in the educational policy framed under the General Muhammad Zia ul Haq, together with Islamic orientations incorporated in educational policy, he said.
Brian Myers, a professor at the South's Dongseo University who is an expert on the North's state ideology, said the state's 'Dear Leader' needs these to show defiance and military strength to compensate for his state's economic failures.
It has demonstrated that secularism is Turkey's state ideology," veteran politician and jurist Husamettin Cindoruk said.
As Yavuz suggests, the primary significant factor is "the attempts of the state ideology after 1980 to identify personal religious devotion as a "normal" sign of good citizenship have helped create a psychological affinity with the Islamic groups and messages".
By calling for a "liberating tolerance," of all ideas coming from the Left and intolerance for all ideas coming from the Right, Marcuse successfully injected cultural Marxism--via relativism, political correctness and multiculturalism--into the baby boom generation and its progeny, thereby tranforming it into the state ideology of all Western nations.
Human Sacrifice, Militarism, and Rulership: materialization of state ideology at the Feathered Serpent Pyramid, Teotihuacan.

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