state of siege

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Then, without waiting to receive the compliments of the bystanders on the victory be had won, he retreated to his own bedchamber, and considering himself in a state of siege, piled all the portable furniture against the door by way of barricade.
You know, I got back on Wednesday night and was met at once with stern orders that no visitors of any sort were to be received, that the tradespeople were to be interviewed at the front gates--in fact that the house was to be in a state of siege.
I found it rather harassing to live in this state of siege, but was too much afraid of Mrs.
6 million civilians live in these areas and 422,000 are living in a state of siege.
Perhaps one clue to Kentridge's appeal today is that, as suggested by his triptych of large-scale screen prints entitled Art in a State of Grace, Art in a State of Hope and Art in a State of Siege (1988; Figs.
Last month, Inter Press Service reported that police are openly talking about creating death squads to eliminate gangs, while members of the legislature are discussing declaring a state of siege in violent crime areas and creating rapid-response battalions to combat gangs.
As for the state of siege imposed on Islamic Iran, it would only strengthen its hand, he vowed and may the Almighty One guide us on the Right Path, Yazbek concluded.
Even the death of Weinstein, a prized hostage whom al-Qaida had long sought to exchange for prisoners or money, is emblematic of the state of siege.
This flow of questions reminds us of the saying "a state of exception" and a state of siege.
How can an economic revival plan for the West Bank go ahead while Palestinians in Gaza who live under a virtual state of siege, their water resources are controlled by Israel, their electricity supplies turned off at the whim of the Jewish state?
First of all, borrowers considering a short sale often feel as if they are in a state of siege, under great financial stress and searching desperately for some way out of their current situation.

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