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William Penn set up the state of Pennsylvania as a settlement for social and religious refugees mainly from Wales.
The state of Pennsylvania had 38,300 fewer jobs in April 2004 than in November 2001 when the recession officially ended -- a decline of 0.
Aetna Better Health of Pennsylvania will administer Medicaid benefits for the state of Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania has fewer jobs than in the beginning of 2001: The state of Pennsylvania had 130,600 fewer jobs in March 2004 than in January 2001 -- a decline of 2.
It is interesting to note that our software is fully compliant with the comprehensive procurement guidelines established by UPHS and the State of Pennsylvania.
The state of Pennsylvania had 88,200 fewer jobs in October 2003 than in March 2001 when the recession officially began -- a decline of 1.
EnergyConnect"), an AICUP Corporate Affiliate, will present a series of four seminars in February at various locations in the State of Pennsylvania to provide education, training, analysis, and enrollment services for AICUP members for the PJM Demand Response and Synchronous Reserve Services Programs.
Casey announced last Monday that the State of Pennsylvania has pledged $11 million to the $21 million project, which includes a 370,000 square foot building along Interstate 83, where this new facility will be located.
Carolina Tobacco Company (CTC), a privately-held, leading manufacturer of "price-value" cigarettes sold under the brands ROGER([R]) and KINGSBORO([R]), announced today that it has reached a comprehensive settlement with the State of Pennsylvania as part of a national agreement that includes 45 other states and the District of Columbia.
stated: "Sale of the eight branch operations is consistent with the terms of the merger agreement executed with Fulton Financial Corporation on December 30, 1993, and is part of our efforts to consolidate operations in the central part of the State of Pennsylvania.
Investors Include State of Pennsylvania, Merrill Lynch, Bank North, State of Vermont, Finance Authority of Maine and Brooke Private Equity

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