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That was the title of the high priest of the old Roman (pagan) state religion under the Republic.
In our culture, the closest thing we have to a state religion is the worship of scientific knowledge, which is really just the worship of man.
Bhutan as a Buddhist kingdom also has Drukpa Buddhism as its state religion.
Red State Religion follows the comings and goings of these churches, how they benefitted or suffered from Kansas's demographics and economic development, and somewhat awkwardly overlays the state's politics--local and national--on top of its church history.
The only question, in the case of a State religion, is which religion will be established -- that of the one True God, or a false one invented by men?
Bangladesh's main grouping of religious minority communities opposed the bill as it sought to retain Islam as the state religion though it expected to ensure equal status of other religions.
It traditionally opposes any state religion or overt displays of religious symbols.
and later declared Christianity the official state religion.
Firstly, the Roman Catholic Church only came into existence after AD311 when Emperor Constantine declared Christianity the state religion, opening the floodgates for power grabbers.
The fourth volume in the series The Idea of Iran deals with the transition from pre-Islamic Sasanian Iran, in which Zoroastrianism was the state religion, to the Arab conquest of Iran and subsequent adoption of Islam.
William Bunce, who worked to disestablish Shinto as Japan's state religion during the Allied occupation after World War II, died of chronic pneumonia in Maryland on July 23, the Washington Post reported Thursday.
While Islam is the state religion, King Mohammad VI has placed Morocco firmly in alliance with the West.

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