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Ali Salman is also accused of passing on state secrets to Qatar and Lebanese Hizbollah to carry out hostile acts in Bahrain.
Whether or not the government's new state secrets claims are upheld, there's already more than enough evidence in the record for our clients to prove their case," Ladin told the (https://www.
Under the state secrets privilege, a court might accept the government's assertion that certain evidence may not be publicly revealed because it would risk national security.
According to the report, those who give documents and/or information to unauthorized people, those who reveal state secrets as well as those who fail to act in a way that ensures any state secrets are not revealed will face a prison sentence of between one and four years, based on Article 258 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK).
Earlier on Tuesday, Range told reporters that the justice ministry had told him to call off that assessment after a preliminary independent legal evaluation had found that a document published on April 15 did constitute a state secret.
Zhou, 72, was sentenced to lesser terms on the abuse of power and state secrets charges, and was ordered to serve his sentences concurrently.
creating an unjustifiable risk of divulging state secrets," (21) 22
Gao Yu -- named one of the International Press Institute's 50 "world press heroes" in 2000 -- "illegally provided state secrets to foreigners", Beijing's No.
Gao Yu, 71, was convicted on a charge of providing state secrets to foreign contacts, her lawyer, Mo Shaoping, confirmed.
Beijing, China -- A Chinese court on Friday convicted a 71-year-old journalist of leaking state secrets and jailed her for seven years, it said, with rights groups condemning the "arbitrary" verdict as a "blow to free expression".
The National Security Committee at a meeting of the Coordinating Council for the Protection of State Secrets on April 2 reported on their work to protect the state secrets in 2014.
TOKYO, Jan 9 (KUNA) -- The Japanese government said Friday it has designated 382 state secrets under the new state secrecy law that took effect early December, with the defense-related secrets accounting for the biggest share.

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