statement of facts

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Razumov's youth had no one in the world, as literally no one as it can be honestly affirmed of any human being, is but a statement of fact from a man who believes in the psychological value of facts.
According to a statement of facts in the case submitted by state police Detective Gerard A.
Zapata with being an accessory before the fact to armed robbery, attempted armed robbery, and conspiracy to commit armed robbery, according to the statement of facts.
The government's side of this obligation is usually embodied in language extending protection from prosecution for matters relating to specified transactions, to matters described in the accompanying statement of facts, or in some cases to matters set forth in indictments or civil complaints against individuals affiliated with the company who may have already been prosecuted.
These include: (1) KPMG's specific and detailed admissions of its criminal acts, set forth in a statement of facts executed by the firm and attached to the DPA; (15) (2) the firm's payment of $456 million, non-deductible and not covered by insurance; (16) (3) full cooperation in the continuing tax shelter investigation being conducted by the IRS and federal prosecutors; and (4) the implementation of an enhanced compliance and ethics program.
She added, "When prosecutors read a statement of facts in guilty pleas, they only need to use the first letter.
The responses contain little that wasn't already covered in Caldera's Statement of Facts, says company spokesman Lyle Ball: "Each individual response draws only on the evidence from the Statement of Facts that supports that point.
The revenue procedure also lists a statement of facts that must be completed for reviewable rulings and is strongly recommended for nonreviewable rulings.
When disclosure is required, the tax return should include the taxpayer's name, address, identification number and a separate statement of facts to support each position taken.

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