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Based on the BSP's latest unaudited statement of income and expense, revenues were up significantly by 76.2 percent year-on-year to P65.32 billion from P37.08 billion, while expenses also increased by 42.3 percent to P41.43 billion from P29.12 billion.
Difference between total profit amount for reported segments and amount stated in quarterly consolidated statement of income and main reasons for difference
In addition, changes in value due to the revaluation of equity securities held in the Financial Services segment at the end of the period are recorded in financial services revenue, and changes in value due to the revaluation of equity securities held in all segments other than the Financial Services segment are recorded in gain on equity securities, net in the consolidated statement of income.
Contract awarded for Invitation to quote for the appointment of auditor for the certification of statement of income and expenditure
During 2018, the company recorded $58.2M related to this matter, including related interest, within accrued liabilities on its consolidated balance sheet with the related expense included in selling, general and administrative expenses on its consolidated statement of income. The U.S.
The TRIC has proposed that the SME sector should be dealt by the tax intermediaries that will perform various functions for that taxpayer, including automated registration, preparation of statement of income filing, statement of income and tax payable, assistance in examination and representation at dispute resolution and appeal stage.
Net profit: KD8.2 million, down 23.7% from FY2016 (FY2016 net profit included a one-off KD 2.4 million transfers from foreign currency translation reserve that were reclassified to Statement of Income)
The Company's unaudited estimate is that it will record a one-time, additional income tax expense in the Company's consolidated statement of income for the three months ended December 31, 2017 of between $4.6 million and $5.1 million in addition to the normal provision for income taxes related to pre-tax operating income.
PAG will continue to account for the ownership interest in PTL using the equity method of accounting and will record its share of PTL's earnings under the caption "Equity in earnings of affiliates" in its statement of income.
According to the Income Tax Act, all residents of India have to file an annual statement of income earned.
The notarized statement of income provides a correct basis for the City Treasurer to compute the collectible local business taxes.
AIG's results are presented in the consolidated statement of income of KFH as discontinued operations.
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