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2755-VI, with amendments and supplements (hereinafter - PKU), for the calculation of the object of taxation, the taxpayer uses the accounting and financial statements of income, expenses and financial results before taxation.
In a regulatory filing, Marriott Vacations said it will record pre-tax litigation expenses of $16.3M on its Statements of Income for the second quarter and first half of 2018 relating to "(i) agreements in principle to settle two actions in our North America segment, consisting of an accrual of $10.6M in connection with the Petrick action described in our Q1 2018 10-Q, and an accrual of $4.6M in connection with an action brought by owners of fractional interests at The Ritz-Carlton Club, Lake Tahoe, and (ii) certain actions in our Europe segment brought by owners of timeshare interests at two of our resorts in Spain, in connection with which the balance of the accrual will be recorded.
Results of the entities being sold are reported in Regions' consolidated statements of income separately as discontinued operations for all periods presented.
In a letter sent to the chairman FBR, KTBA said that the business activities of whole country was closed from July 2, 2016 to July 10, 2016 whereas the last dates for filing of monthly sales sax return for the tax period of June 2016 and monthly withholding statements of income tax were due on July 15, and the July 18, respectively.
Documents they may need to substantiate their income include evidence of overtime or bonuses not captured on payslips, statements from employers verifying any irregular income and statements of income from investment or rental properties.
We have audited the accompanying financial statements of Nevada Water Company, which comprise the balance sheet as of December 31, 2011, and the related statements of income, changes in stockholders' equity, and cash flows for the year then ended, and the related notes to the financial statements and our report dated [same date as the report on internal control] expressed an unmodified report.
The conspiracy to falsify documents is alleged between May 2003 and October 2008 and concerns mortgage applications, statements of income, letters in support of applications and other documents, said to have been put forward as genuine.
Kuraray is scheduled to include MonoSol in its consolidated balance sheets from the first quarter of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013 and in its consolidated statements of income from the third quarter of the same fiscal year onward.
Kuraray plans to include the US firm in its consolidated balance sheets from the first quarter of the financial year to 31 March 2012 and in its consolidated statements of income from the third quarter of the same fiscal year.
Illustration 8: An Auditor's Report in Which the Auditor Is Expressing an Unmodified Opinion in the Current Year and a Disclaimer of Opinion on the Prior-Year Statements of Income, Changes in Stockholders' Equity, and Cash Flows
She added that statements of income and expenditure were being prepared to facilitate negotiations and assessment by the building society.
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