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Fourth, Reinach makes the apprehension of a positive state of affairs a condition for negative judgment, at least in part because he contends that negative states of affairs would never be presented to us "if we were to limit ourselves to reading off those states which are given to us by the world of real and ideal objects.
Yet we see--we do not infer--movements and changes in states of affairs.
However, if all judgment is rooted in apprehensions of states of affairs in perception and this interaction is dynamic, then there is reason to think that there is something quite anomalous about admitting only positive facts within the realm of being.
For Reinach, a purely formal approach to logic generally, including the operation of negation, is, if not misguided, then at best derivative since he regards the principles governing relations among states of affairs as the subject matter of logic; Adolf Reinach, "Zur Theorie des negativen Urteils (1911)" in Samtliche Werke, hrsg.
Armstrong, A World of States of Affairs (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997) and Truth and Truthmakers (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004).
39) Beliefs about the distant past or other states of affairs of which we have no experience draw typically upon testimony that provides the tether for them.
On the one hand, he does not speak of an inference; on the other, he speaks of the necessary connections among states of affairs and the inferences that they ground as the subject matter of logic.