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Since there is no need to take the structural inertial force into consideration, the deflection is computed by the static equilibrium equation:
Then the case of static equilibrium is examined and it is found that the charged test particle may have a bound orbit; i.e., it can be trapped by a charged black hole in this context or, stated differently, the charged black hole exerts an attractive gravitational force upon the charged particle in generalized dilaton-axion gravity.
Its static equilibrium conditions meet (32) and the deformation compatibility, that is,
If the oscillator is in static equilibrium under the converter length of [l'.sub.0], [l'.sub.n0] yields
In Table 2, it is possible to observe that the [A.sup.eq.sub.iso] values for the static equilibrium structure with the explicit solvent ((PBE1PBE ([H.sub.2]O)//BP86 ([H.sub.2]O)) were 0.89 and 3.39 MHz for [sup.1]H and [sup.17]O, respectively.
The female soccer players presented inferior static equilibrium to the gymnasts and inferior dynamic equilibrium to the female soccer players.
The suggestive or corrective measures to break this stable or static equilibrium are:
Also, economies are not isolated entities in a static equilibrium. They are dynamic and interwoven with political and social dimensions.
Readers are expected to have a basic understanding of static equilibrium and plane geometry as well as the beginnings of the sense of proportion that informs structural design choices.
(2) Their neoclassical economics transformed the equilibrium paradigm by concentrating only on the characteristics of static equilibrium. Chapter 10 investigates the contributions of Austrian economics as a type of heterodox economics that focuses on disequilibrium analysis.
After considering the work of some early 'mathematical economists', including Dupuit, Cournot and Canard, this chapter deals almost exclusively with Jevons's static equilibrium theory.
Static equilibrium of both structures and linearly elastic solids is discussed as is non-linearity in materials, transient and coupled problems, steady-state flows of materials, computation of eigenvalues for elastic objects, and forced vibrations.