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As a result, we are currently offering the InfoIguana alongside our static Web pages until we have thoroughly built the content in our ready-reference database and our patrons become more accustomed to using the InfoIguana.
The new robust Vignette solution replaces the previous public Web site, which was largely populated with static Web pages.
Until now, ISI researchers shared data and test results with other colleagues on an ad hoc basis, primarily through e-mail and static Web pages that the researchers designed themselves.
Schools implementing portals can integrate WebEvent View to transform static Web pages into dynamic gateways of information.
Rich experiences like 'Make a Memory' engage customers and effectively guide them through complex processes in ways that simple static Web pages never could, providing a better experience that ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction and sales.
Unlike the static web pages that deliver published information, dynamic web pages are those queried or customized by users' inputs, such as search functions, log-in areas and shopping cart functions.
DIVO is a patented software application suite that provides secure television quality video on top of static Web pages instantly, regardless of the speed of the Internet connection.
The X Internet is not a new invention; rather, it is the evolution of static Web pages and cumbersome applications into a Net that relies on executable software code to deliver more interactive experiences.
The Web has evolved beyond simple static Web pages to include more personalized, dynamic content such as news, stock quotes, and catalogs," said Scott Hebner, director of WebSphere marketing, IBM.
Expand Networks' latest enterprise caching developments push the industry one step further in improving performance for all applications, not just static Web pages -- and for all types of networks, including VPNs, managed services and wireless.
This allows applications such as embedded web servers to operate standalone without the need of a RAM disk or remote file system to store static web pages.