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As Website architectures have evolved from static Web pages to the use of dynamic software applications like AJAX, Macromedia Flash and Flex, traditional content delivery technologies cannot service their needs," said Tom Leighton, Akamai's Chief Scientist.
From static Web pages to multi-tiered Internet- enabled applications, SourceWise provides business solutions that are innovative, reliable and cost-effective.
The purpose of each course, designed by Avalon's enterprise E-learning team, is to disseminate topical information related to conditions of Autism and Asperger's in a more dynamic format than is available through standard static web pages.
While such information is typically presented in the form of static Web pages, dynamic Web Services that enable users to conduct specific tasks and transactions have become increasingly common over the last few years.
The new robust Vignette solution replaces the previous public Web site, which was largely populated with static Web pages.
Until now, ISI researchers shared data and test results with other colleagues on an ad hoc basis, primarily through e-mail and static Web pages that the researchers designed themselves.
Sun ONE promises software for building new types of Web services that provide significantly greater value and a richer user experience than today's static Web pages.
Schools implementing portals can integrate WebEvent View to transform static Web pages into dynamic gateways of information.
Although there are other providers that offer services to cache and replicate static Web pages, Delta Edge is the first technology for distributing dynamic data over a content distribution network," said Rebecca Wetzel, of Wetzel Consulting LLC, a leading analyst and consultant in Web hosting.
Rich experiences like 'Make a Memory' engage customers and effectively guide them through complex processes in ways that simple static Web pages never could, providing a better experience that ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction and sales.
By using WildTangent's Web Driver(TM) technology, the company's team of leading-edge developers creates interactive entertainment and gaming content which goes far beyond today's static Web pages.