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These articles all involved mention of statistical analysis.
A statistical analysis of the data from a simple CIPM key comparison based on Assumption II requires one to account for the uncertainty that arises from the unknown bias in a combined result of measurement that is used as an estimate for Y.
STRUCTURAL EQUATION MODELING uses advanced statistical analysis processes to calculate the impact of multiple survey items on each other.
THE SECTION ON "DISPARATE IMPACT" IN the statement also leaves dangerously wide scope for regulatory discretion: "Frequently [the existence of a disparate impact] is [established] through a quantitative or statistical analysis.
In the area of "recognition for a job well done," Question 6, even though by statistical analysis our providers appear satisfied, it is an area that common sense suggests we need to do some work in.
It needed to be managed and that meant vigorous statistical analysis procedures needed to be an integral part of our overall system implementation.
Inappropriate statistical analysis, ranked next with 6 deficiencies, included methodological errors[4], excessive budget request[4], duplication of supported research[4], and inadequate background of investigator[3].
of Technology, Austria) explains how to perform statistical analysis of data that is inherently imprecise.
A handbook of statistical analysis using SAS, 3d ed.
The statistical analysis assessed how likely it was that study results could simply have happened by chance, and the Cochrane quality criteria assessed common threats to the validity of interventions to change practice or organization of care.
0 to run a statistical analysis on the pre and post-test scores as well as the scores on each set of questions.
However, there is currently no consensus as to whether his statistical analysis unravels the mystery of human evolution.

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