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Statistical correlations were developed relating overall thermal sensation and thermal comfort of people in the outdoors to environmental parameters such as wind velocity, solar radiation, air temperature, and humidity.
Our study was designed to test whether (a) genetic factors passed down from mothers to their offspring and (b) environmental factors that influenced both generations could explain the statistical correlation between maternal alcohol consumption and offspring externalizing problems.
Fixed oxygen contents of the natural rubber skim coat and shoulder wedge compounds showed quantitative statistical correlations to tire IPR ([R.
On the basis of statistical correlations analysis, these bioassays have shown more sensitivity for dioxin and methoxychlor.
In addition, research indicates a high statistical correlation between hiring the right people and future turnover of employees, whether voluntary or not.
In it, Walworth "proved" through statistical correlation that it was much more likely that God was using tornadoes to punish Baptists than gays.
He demonstrates that there is no statistical correlation between voting for the PCF in 1936 and support for the democrates-socilistes' in 1849; similarly, in qualitative terms, he warns cogently against facile suggestions of continuity based, for example, on family political traditions.
The research was based on the assumption that reliance on static indicators and simple statistical correlation (as found in many other models) did not adequately account for change.
Simple statistical correlation methods including linear and rank correlations were used.
Michael de Swiet of Queen Charlotte's Hospital, London, questioned the significance of the results because of the weak statistical correlation and the differences among various study parameters (Lancet 35[9198]:81-82, 2000).
Released by The Gallup Organization and Carlson Marketing Group Canada, the study also finds a strong statistical correlation between employee satisfaction and increased company profits.
At best, these indicators are linked to stock price through a squishy statistical correlation.

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