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19,24] In present study also significant statistical correlation is found between microalbuminuria and serum creatinine.
In the results of the paper, the hypothesis will be proved or refuted by using Pearson's r statistical correlation and includes six sub-hypotheses (Figure 2):
In [Mili, 2009], we had conducted an empirical study intended to analyze the statistical correlation between gender standards and democratic standards in post-colonial North Africa.
347 further supports that there is no statistical correlation between the two variables.
This may well indicate that although GJH showed no statistical correlation with injury, it still represents an injury risk for dancers.
However, it might have poor comfort predictability when tested in different geographic locations or when used for environmental conditions outside the range specified by the statistical correlation.
Statistical correlation between education and the participation of rural people with a positive coefficient (0.
Based on the statistical correlation result for all 48 bullets, the threshold is chosen to be 30 pixels (or about 47 [micro]m) on the LEA surface.
In sum, it would be premature to radically redesign schools based on a statistical correlation.

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