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In addition, the president noted, the mechanisms of informing the broad circles of the foreign business community and the international community about the results of the economic reforms carried out in the country through the publication of statistical data in international statistical publications are poorly used.
Director Statistics State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Azizullah Khatak underlined the importance of statistical data and said the SBP had developed a strong statistical system to measure progress in terms of import,export and balance of payment etc.
Dubai: Emirates Post Group (EPG) said it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Dubai Statistics Center recently to promote exchange of statistical data and use it more effectively for mutual benefit.
The census aims to provide accurate statistical data on economic, social and demographic sectors, and others in the Emirate of Sharjah.
Statistical data further revealed that Diesel oil N.
INIC has launched a website which keeps tracking the current status of nanotechnology within Iran and more than 100 countries based on statistical data (specifically scientific and technological indices).
After the Greek crisis that partially involved a release of incorrect statistical data, the independence of the statistical offices has become extremely important," Kotseva pointed out in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio on Wednesday.
Statistical data mining using SAS applications, 2d ed.
The amendments concern regulation EC/479/2009 on the quality of statistical data in the context of the excessive deficit procedure.
There are 120 thousand people with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan in total, according to official statistical data.
Summary: The participants in the Maghreb Conference on Statistics, which opened Monday in Algiers, emphasized the need for a Maghreb strategy to collect and handle statistical data.
Referring to the workshop that Statistics Department held recently at the Hatta Check-Point, Al Qaizi said that the department plans to create a strong communication platform with other departments, which will help in collecting statistical data.

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