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Clearly, the tremendous size of the operations provided Wal-Mart and Kroger with a wealth of statistical data from which to develop a strong linear relationship between sales and shrinkage.
SPSS for Windows handles data entry, analysis, file management, and charting (over 30 kinds) of statistical data.
Medicaid Statistics offers statistical data in three sections: a national summary, program statistics, and financial statistics.
The use of statistical data and analysis can assist both broker and client in making informed decisions.
Moreover, the Bank even wants to make new poverty assessment in the country on the basis of reliable statistical data.
Statistical data further revealed that fifteen items including tomatoes, chicken live, egg, LPG, vegetable ghee, cooking oil, rice (IRRI), Gram pulse (washed), red chilies (powered), Masoor pulse (washed), vegetable ghee (loose), Bananas, mashed pulse (washed), sugar and Gur decreased during the week ended on Feb 07.
Statistical data further revealed that Since Nov 01, live water level in the Tarbela dam has been decreased by 54 feet and water level reduced to 1461 feet.
In order to prevent substantial bias and inconsistencies in statistical publications, national statistical institutes and similar bodies conduct statistical data editing, a process of checking and correcting collected data through a variety of manual and automatic procedures.
Federal Decree stipulated that the Centre will develop modern legislation giving legal framework for statistical work in the country and will specify the competent authority for compiling official statistical data and will define its duties as well as its relations with federal and local institutions, especially the statistics centres of the local governments and the private sector.
Statistical data is widely used in all kinds of businesses.
Noting that visits to African American heritage sites have more than doubled over the last five years, GTL said the launch will include news about new destinations, profiles on African American travel planners, features on major destinations, and statistical data on the continuing growth of the market.
What JetHawks manager Mark Parent is most proud of is that his team has consistently led the California League in fewest walks allowed, which he says is the first thing he looks at every day when he reviews statistical data from around the league.

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