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This is the domain of statistical science, and a few key features of it can be delineated.
The 19th South Taiwan Statistics Conference and 2010 Cross-Strait Conference on Probability and Statistics are organized by Department of Accounting and Statistics at National Cheng Kung University and co-organized by the Institute of Statistical Science of Academia Sinica, Chinese Statistical Association, Chunghwa Data Mining Society, The Chinese Institute of Probability and Statistics, Department of Central Processing of National Science Council, Mathematics Research Promotion Center of National Science Council, Banyan Garden Statistics Cultural and Educational Foundation, Zhang Wen Bao Cultural and Educational Foundation as well as Office of Research and Development at National Cheng Kung University.
S-PLUS provides me with the tools necessary to work faster and more flexibly with clinical data," said Harry Southworth, statistical science director for AstraZeneca, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.
David Dunson, Distinguished Professor, Department of Statistical Science at Duke University.
can recite their credit scores from memory due to the broader access that credit bureaus have granted in recent years, probably only those who work in statistical science could take a meaningful stab at how each score is really determined," David Fish, senior analyst in Mercator Advisory Group's Fraud, Risk, and Analytics Advisory Service and author of the report comments.
The people of Wales and Cornwall are different from the rest of southern and central England," said Peter Donnelly, professor of statistical science at Oxford University and director of the Wellcome Trust centre for human genetics.
Statistical science and interdisciplinary research, 1793-6195 ; v.
Seligman joined FDA in 2001 as the Director of the CDER Office of Pharmacoepidemiology and Statistical Science (OPaSS).
The American Statistical Association is a scientific and educational society created to promote excellence in the application of statistical science.
The ASA press release goes on to say that a Fellow's award is "not only a recognition of outstanding professional contribution to and leadership in the field of statistical science, but also a superlative honor in the society for nearly 90 years.
Founded in 1944 and reorganized in 1985, the institute has depended on Japanese mainframe computers and a vector supercomputer for its statistical science research.

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