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Readers should not confuse statistical significance with clinical significance.
Researchers are much less likely to find statistical significance and more likely to make a Type II error but gain the benefit of avoiding a Type I error.
Put succinctly, Ziliak and McCloskey feel statistical significance is simply bad science--"One erects little 'significance' hurdles, six inches tall, and makes a great show of leaping over them, concluding from a test of statistical significance that the data are 'consistent with' one's own very charming hypothesis.
However, liver enzymes and other markers of hepatic function (which were tracked because of this concern) actually declined during the trial; five of these reductions reached statistical significance.
Finally, teachers want training in the areas of developing curriculum to meet students' compensatory, life skills, basic skills and area curriculum but there was not a statistical significance as to which training they prefer.
The difference reached statistical significance (p = 0.
To address the problems associated with the null hypothesis inference testing model, psychology and related fields are starting to move in the direction of placing more emphasis on practical significance, the degree of relationship between variables, or the magnitude of the effect, instead of tests of statistical significance.
We know of no legitimate statistical text that argues it is irrelevant to use tests of statistical significance to guard against random fluctuations in the data--in this case, scores on tests of student performance.
Underhill of Stanford feels the population sampled was too small for statistical significance.
This difference achieves statistical significance, chi-square, (1) = 4.
There was a slight reduction in body mass index with increasing months of breast-feeding, but this relationship did not reach statistical significance.
The tester minimizes the personnel costs to obtain data and gives a sufficient number of tests to infer statistical significance in a short time.

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