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The interim results for overall survival (OS), the other co-primary endpoint, did not reach statistical significance," the company said in the statement.
When asked, how does this advance Bible Code, James stated "Because, it is now possible to determine statistical significance, so we can now say, 'Wow, that keyword is really statistically significant or, O.
Ziliak's resume includes a stint working as a state labor market analyst, in which he was not able to provide black teenage unemployment rates because they did not meet an "arbitrary level of statistical significance.
The null hypothesis was that there will be no statistical significance in favor of the Individualized Education Program or the curriculum.
The miscalculation of statistical significance for one analysis, while unfortunate, in no way alters any of our conclusions.
The difference reached statistical significance (p = 0.
To address the problems associated with the null hypothesis inference testing model, psychology and related fields are starting to move in the direction of placing more emphasis on practical significance, the degree of relationship between variables, or the magnitude of the effect, instead of tests of statistical significance.
Other findings, while not achieving statistical significance, suggest additional relationships: The likelihood that women and their infants received the complete recommended treatment appears to be elevated among women with the lowest CD4 counts, residents of rural areas, women who experienced premature rupture of membranes more than four hours before delivery, those who had had adequate prenatal care, those lacking private insurance and those who delivered by cesarean.
Underhill of Stanford feels the population sampled was too small for statistical significance.
This difference achieves statistical significance, chi-square, (1) = 4.
There was a slight reduction in body mass index with increasing months of breast-feeding, but this relationship did not reach statistical significance.
The tester minimizes the personnel costs to obtain data and gives a sufficient number of tests to infer statistical significance in a short time.

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