Statute of

GLOUCESTER, STATUTE OF. An English statute, passed 6 Edw. I., A. D., 1278; so called, because it was passed at Gloucester. There were other statutes made at Gloucester, which do not bear this name. See stat. 2 Rich. II.

MARLEBRIDGE, STATUTE OF. The name of a statute passed the 52 Hen. III, A. D. 1267, so called because it was enacted at Marlebridge. Barr. on Stat. 58.

MERTON, STATUTE OF. A statute so called, because the parliament or rather council, which enacted it, sat at Merton, in Surrey. It was made the 20 Hen. III. A. D. 1236. See Barr. an the Stat. 41.

YORK, STATUTE OF. The name of an English statute, passed 12 Edw. II., Anno Domini 1318, and so called because it was enacted at York. It contains many wise provisions and explanations of former statutes. Barr. on the Stat. 174. There were other statutes made at York in the reign of Edw. III., but they do not bear this name.

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TEI maintains statutes of limitation for assessments and refund claims should be equal; unilateral administrative actions should only toll statutes of limitation for a reasonable, limited period; and when a federal change reopens a state or local statute of limitation, any resulting assessment should be limited to the impact of the federal change on the taxpayer's tax liability unless the taxpayer has signed an agreement extending/modifying the jurisdiction's statute of limitation.
In doing so, the court effectually jettisoned CTS' argument that the plaintiffs' claims of toxic torts are time-barred under North Carolina tort law, which includes a 10-year statute of repose.
KUWAIT, Sept 29 (KUNA) -- Minister of Commerce and Industry Anas Al-Saleh announced on Sunday issuance of executive statute of the law on commercial companies (NO 424/2013) as a fulfillment by the ministry for law requirements, and compliance to the prescribed six-month duration of its issuance.
51) The first American criminal statute of limitations appeared in the Colony of Massachusetts in 1652.
Will compliance with the relevant law toll an impending statute of limitations or statute of repose?
If the statute of interest appeared in the supplement and the date in question was after the effective date of the amendment, but before the next year's repeal and reenactment, the supplement should be cited.
A tax preparer's knowledge of the IRS collection statute of limitations (the legal bar to the collection of delinquent taxes) can be of valuable assistance to the taxpayer faced with a federal tax liability.
Managing the statute of limitations (SOL) on assessment can be complicated, particularly for partnerships and partners.
It is commonly suggested that this type of conflict should be resolved by applying the statute of the state with the 'closer connection' to the dispute.
19393 because retroactive tax collection was not possible for the years involved since the statute of limitations was not open for all taxpayers who took the deduction for such that they could be treated similarly.