Statutes at Large

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Statutes at Large

An official compilation of the acts and resolutions of each session of Congress published by the Office of the Federal Register in the National Archives and Record Service.

The Statutes at Large are divided into two parts: the first is composed of public acts and joint resolutions; the second includes private acts and joint resolutions, concurrent resolutions, treaties, proposed and ratified amendments to the Constitution, and presidential proclamations. Volumes from 1951 to the present are arranged by public law number; older volumes are arranged by chapter number.

The Statutes at Large are considered the official publication of the law for citation purposes when titles of the United States Code have not been enacted as positive law.

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For interpreters, this presents an important lesson: by consulting the Statutes at Large, one can ensure the legitimacy of an argument premised on a caption or placement in the Code.
The Statutes at Large series often is available at large libraries.
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Future updates currently in digital production and planned for release in 2004 will include selected additional volumes of titles already online, particularly the Statutes at Large up to 1950 and the Senate Executive Journal up to approximately 1920.
Code and Statutes at Large The Oryx Press (800) 279-6799 www.
Code plus the Statutes at Large are all included in this comprehensive CD-ROM.
Millersville, MD) will release United States Statutes at Large on CD-ROM on July 1.