statutory instrument

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statutory instrument (SI)

a form of SUBORDINATE LEGISLATION. They are cited by the year they are passed and by their number in the year. Non-publication is a defence. They are often accompanied by a useful but unofficial explanatory note.
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To have the Statutory Instrument laid before Parliament is a tremendous achievement, having secured the support of 56 Local Authorities including all 19 of our constituent authorities.
The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill will give powers to ministers to make delegated legislation once the bill becomes law, through the use of statutory instruments.
Whether any regulation or other statutory instrument within its terms of reference, in the judgment of the committee:
Given the widespread opposition to the changes and the strength of feeling from constituents and from students across the country, Labour has secured an Opposition Day Debate on the issue followed by a vote and an additional vote on a motion to annul the statutory instrument that would introduce these changes.
Moffat explained that the email states that there might be a possible loophole in the statutory instrument, the legislation which the British government wants to use to take away the winter fuel payment.
Lifting the two-hound restriction would not require new legislation but could be affected via a statutory instrument.
Many laws were enacted by means of Statutory Instrument, ensuring no or no real Parliamentary scrutiny.
Sources close to OT suggest that the changes, which have been brought in via a Statutory Instrument and are being sent to PCTs for implementation, are of minor technical detail.
44) The Statutory Instruments Act 1992 (Qld) provides that 'a rule' is a statutory instrument if the rule is made under an Act: ss 7(2)-(3).
He added: "A statutory instrument introducing this change will be laid before Parliament by Christmas and will be subject to debate in both Houses soon after.
Under the new statutory instrument (amending that of 2006), towing, handling and lighterage (loading and unloading of a ship by means of boats) are to be carried now whether by a physical person of an Algerian nationality or an artificial person of an Algerian right benefiting from a concession (meeting the conditions of professional skills and the terms of the convention and specifications), whereas the previous instrument did not require the nationality of the operators.

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