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A day of recreation; a consecrated day; a day set apart for the suspension of business.

A legal holiday is a day set aside by statute for recreation, the cessation of work, or religious observance. It is a day that is legally designated as exempt from the conduct of all judicial proceedings, Service of Process, and the demand and protest of Commercial Paper. A prohibition against conducting public business transactions on holidays does not, however, have an effect upon private business. Private transactions will not, therefore, be invalidated solely because they are conducted on a holiday.

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New rules were introduced to calculate compensation for paid statutory holidays, which will be calculated in proportion to the wages earned in the pay periods preceding the holiday, regardless of whether an uninterrupted service requirement applies or the holiday is a workday for the employee.
worker to The answer is straightforward: from being your employee has the right to a minimum period of statutory holiday and if he is sick or injured in what would otherwise be that holiday, he is entitled, under the WTR, to be granted annual leave at a different time.
Justin says: You are, of course, correct that the law clearly states that payments in lieu of statutory holidays are not allowed.
The dispute centred on working statutory holidays. A union spokesman said: "Both sides agreed to further talks."
For years bank holidays in the UK have been wrongly referred to as statutory holidays as there is no legal right to have these days off.
The statutory holidays helped reduce the impact on the customers, but more importantly, the company had system backups.
If employees wish to take their statutory holidays during their maternity leave period they can ( provided they comply with their employer's procedures for requesting holidays, giving their employer the required amount of notice under the Working Time Regulations.
CAN you tell me if a full-time worker who works a six-day week is entitled to 24 days paid holiday a year, including statutory holidays?
A Jaguar worker with 25 years service would receive 38 days holiday a year, including statutory holidays.
Many firms however already give this amount of annual leave with statutory holidays on top, so don't be misled.
Where a worker is given bank or public holidays off and is paid for them, they will count towards her/his entitlement to statutory holidays unless the contract of employment specifies that they are given in addition to the statutory holiday entitlement.

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