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statutory instrument (SI)

a form of SUBORDINATE LEGISLATION. They are cited by the year they are passed and by their number in the year. Non-publication is a defence. They are often accompanied by a useful but unofficial explanatory note.
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There were 74 times that people breached statutory orders, and 63 occasions of vehicle theft by children.
The list will be made by positive statutory order and will require Oireachtas approval before it comes into effect but it is not expected to have any opposition.
In the statutory order of priority, those sources are
On August 17, the Committee on Culture and Education (CCE) began its hearings with the heads of university-level educational institutions, within the framework of a statutory order. Thirteen of these institutions were heard by the Committee members, the last hearing having been held on September 21.
The statement further said that as statutory order has been reinstated at the NFF and the legitimate bodies reinstalled, FIFA has decided to lift the suspension as of Friday 18 July 2014.
"They could reduce the pounds and pence figure in the 2013 statutory order - in effect giving the surplus back to every household in Britain through a lower licence fee.
Excise duty and VAT on fuel could theoretically be decreased by statutory order, without the need for primary legislation.
After a vote on a statutory order on adoption agencies ran into difficulties, Deputy Presiding Officer John Marek, who had replaced Lord Elis-Thomas in the chair, suggested AMs take an electronic card in their computer 'out and back, and then re-vote'.

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