statutory instrument

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statutory instrument (SI)

a form of SUBORDINATE LEGISLATION. They are cited by the year they are passed and by their number in the year. Non-publication is a defence. They are often accompanied by a useful but unofficial explanatory note.
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"It was the latter and most recent activity of vehicular use and concerns regarding the impact upon the woodland that prompted a review of the statutory protection in place and the need to extend protection of the woodland through the making and serving of a new, separate order."
Griffin again updates her textbook for law students to reflect the US constitutional and statutory protection of religious freedom and establishment jurisprudence as of 2016.
My Bill would reset the relationship between tied licensees and their landlords, giving tied tenants in Scotland statutory protection, and it would make it easier to bring locallybrewed products into the tied pub sector.
The contest is run by Fields in Trust, a national charity that operates throughout the UK to safeguard recreational spaces and campaign for better statutory protection for all kinds of outdoor sites.
It is possible to get the equipment shifted off your land but usually it will have statutory protection under the Electricity Act 1989.
Johnstone, to vote out a petition for statutory protection from eviction for those deemed to have extra bedrooms.
Many of these are under threat because their watery habitats have very little statutory protection.
This will give statutory protection to a manager to tell a worker that they no longer have a future where they work and it will be the intention of the employer to pursue a disciplinary which will result in dismissal.
They also give water companies an advantage over other utility providers who do not at present have the benefit of this kind of statutory protection.
The IFJ welcomes this ruling by the High Court in Karachi, though we take no joy from the 11-year record of obstruction by the newspaper industry against the statutory protection extended to newspaper industry workers, IFJ Asia-Pacific Director Jacqueline Park said.
Yet the treatment of elephants in circuses - a notorious case was in the news recently, the elephant having now been comfortably re-housed at Longleat - is disturbing and the Prime Minister is now back-pedalling on improving statutory protection for these much-loved animals, and other wild animal species too, no doubt.

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