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Based on these findings, our suspicions of dialysis access steal syndrome were confirmed.
6%-8% of patients developed unilateral ischemia of the hand owing to steal syndrome,[15] while in our study, the incidence was 11.
Ligation of the perforating vein: a treatment for steal syndrome in side-to-side elbow arteriovenous fistula.
Coronary subclavian steal syndrome is a rare complication of cardiac surgery.
Coronary-subclavian steal syndrome (CSS) occurs when a patient with a history of left internal mammary artery coronary bypass surgery develops significant stenosis within the proximal left subclavian artery.
Percutaneous transluminal stent placement to treat subclavian steal syndrome.
She dialyzed regularly with a left forearm fistula and had steal syndrome in that arm, which was swollen, cold, and tingly.
This case study highlights a 25-year-old hemodialysis patient experiencing symptoms of severe steal syndrome.
There is an informative section addressing the challenges associated with steal syndrome with reference of up to 8% of brachial AVF's developing some form of "steal".
The subclavian steal syndrome is due to a proximal estenosis of the subclavian artery that leads to a retrograde flow in the ipsilateral vertebral artery that acts as a collateral.
With the clinical suspicion of vertebral steal syndrome, the patient was referred for Doppler evaluation of the neck vessels.