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PESCO has once again warned electricity stealers to stop power pilferage in the larger interest of the nation, due to which PESCO has to face huge financial and line losses on the one hand and on the other hand whole distribution system gets over loaded and the general public faces inconvenience of frequent power break downs.
The teams seized illegal wires used for illegal connections and also arrested one power stealer Samih Ullah and registered FIR against him, the spokesman informed.
These days, a 75 percent success rate is considered to be the minimum for judging the success of a base stealer.
Stealers Wheel's 1972 hit 'Stuck in the Middle With You' underwent a renaissance after featuring in Quentin Tarantino's film 'Reservoir Dogs' in the 1990s.
Musician and broadcaster Tom Robinson led the tributes saying: "His early work with Stealers Wheel was an inspiration to a whole generation of songwriters, including me.
His early work with Stealers Wheel was an inspiration to a whole generation of songwriters in the 70s including me, and many of us had hoped his album Life Goes On in 2009 would lead to a full-time return to writing and performing for a lyrical and highly gifted artist.
uk Devils are real show stealers Cardiff Devils beat Steelers: Watch highlights from the Cardiff rink and post-match interviews of the Devils'' cup win WalesOnline.
But forget the hocus pocus, broomsticks and spells, The Dream Stealers trilogy by Liz Whittaker relies on the mysticism and reality of Welsh legends.
Designed to protect companies from both internal and external attack, CyberSight works to detect and remove these hacking threats, such as Trojan informers, password stealers and keyboard loggers, which otherwise could easily enter a company network hidden within text files, zip-encrypted files or other seemingly innocent files.
The coach has just a few moments to do it and he must do it without telegraphing it to the opposing sign stealers.
1990; Slaby & Guerra, 1988), the SPS skills of adolescent stealers have not been evaluated.
FireEye Research found that the fastest growing malware categories in the second half of 2011 were PPI (Pay-Per-Installs) and information stealers that target user credentials enabling the theft of key intellectual property and sensitive data.